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The coaching I provide is for people who are looking to get empowered to be themselves!

Many times, a counselor or coach will say they are comfortable with your alternative lifestyle, only to find out, they don’t know much about it. I created Dynamic Counseling to provide education, support, and consultation with those who are living an Alternative Lifestyle. I want to empower those who are LGBTQ+ to live life the way you want. For those who practice a Polyamorous and/or Kinky lifestyle, I have the unique perspective of living this lifestyle and all the challenges it presents. For people who are neurodivergent or in other words “different from typical society,” I want to empower you to embrace your differences and be you!

I love listening to people’s stories, and figuring out which patterns are creating the most disruption in life. Lifelong learning and growth are important components in everything I teach, especially when it comes to self-empowerment. The process of personal growth takes time, energy, and creating new pathways in the brain. I want to help make it fun and interesting.

I provide coaching as an Alternative Lifestyle Coach.

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If you want to check out my workshop, click the link below!

Building your Ideal Polyamorous Relationship:

A Guide to Practical Polyamory

A six week workshop designed to give you the tools needed to succeed in a healthy polyamorous relationship. Every relationship is unique to the individual, which is emphasized throughout the program. The workshop included in this program is intended to help guide you in creating your ideal polyamorous relationship through educational materials and coaching throughout the program.


“Leyna Alexander embraces the journey of the individual through compassion, education, and encouragement. Her workshops on non-traditional lifestyles serve as a guide to those just starting out in kink or polyamory, to those experienced and needing a fresh perspective. Whether you’re looking to open your marriage, embrace your body in a positive way, explore your sexuality, or gain insight into the world of BDSM, Leyna’s methods will help you to ease into these changes with confidence and enthusiastic consent.”
                           ~Sienna Saint-Cyr, erotica author and educator on embracing sexuality


“I’ve been Poly for most of my adult life. I took the Poly 101 class with one of my partners because she was struggling with some of the aspects of our relationship. I really didn’t think I would learn anything, but was I wrong! 

The information was laid out in a professional and easy to follow manner. Leyna presented the information very well and asked for input from all of the attendees. It seemed like we were just having a conversation, rather than taking a class. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who is interested in learning about Polyamory.”

~Dave Levin

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